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Danielle F.,

LaTrina helped me recognize and address the issues I was facing with imposter syndrome. This helped me press forward and reach many goals both personally and professionally.

Kevin K., 
Baxter Auto Group

During a transitional period in my career, LaTrina was able to help me succinctly articulate the highlights of my 15 year career. With her help, I was able to quickly secure the position that I was looking for.

Emma M., 
HR Analyst 

After being out of school for a while and not sure what I wanted to be “when I grow up” so to speak, LaTrina was very supportive and instrumental in my encouragement of completing my Master’s Degree. She was available anytime and my roadmap to success.  Since that time I have made two significant moves in my career from Administrative Assistant to HR Analyst and envisioning another move.

Robyn L., Special
Projects Associate

I can’t say enough great things about LaTrina and her ability to realize, incorporate, and help people communicate individual and organizational strengths. I have worked with her in a personal and professional capacity and the contribution she has made to help me realize my strengths, include them in my resume and cover letter, as well as office collaboration is instrumental to my success. You cannot go wrong working with this amazing and talented individual. 

Lauren B., Health Professional Consultant & Patient Advocate

LaTrina began mentoring me about 7 years ago when I was an undergrad student. Aside from giving me tools and advice for pursuing graduate education, she also helped me develop skills to better market myself as I pursued various career opportunities. She helped me master resume writing and preparing for interviews. LaTrina has a true gift for guiding people to the path that aligns all of their passions and skills, even if they don't all correlate.  Before her guidance, I struggled with finding a career path that would provide fulfillment. With her expertise, I have been able to pursue a role that is nontraditional, but perfect for me. Even with my accomplishments, she still encourages me to challenge myself and strive for more.

Cherramiee P., Senior Analyst

LaTrina was selected to be the keynote speaker at our Annual Black Employee Network (BEN) Resource Group Scholarship Reception, a celebratory event for high school seniors awarded scholarships for their scholastic achievements from a class I Railroad in the Omaha, NE area. The topic LaTrina was given to present on was Vision and Commitment, where not only did she capture the attention of the seniors but also the parents and employees. LaTrina took a nontraditional approach discussing her personal journey to indirectly challenge the attendees with answering the questions of " What does having a vision for your future truly mean", and  " How being committed to not only yourself but others is key to your success in navigating through life."  Upon the completion of her speech, LaTrina received a standing ovation. Many approached her with additional follow-up questions or just to have their own one on one. Survey results received 5 stars for her portion of the program.  It was great to have LaTrina as our keynote speaker for such an impactful occasion. 

Lisa B., 
Purchasing Agent

Dr. Trina Hall is so gifted and talented and overflowing with knowledge . She helped me reinvent my résumé. Trina’s skills are impeccable. She is dedicated and committed to her clients.

Durrell R., 
IT Solutions Center Analyst

I recently transitioned into the tech field and LaTrina revised my resume to make me stand out. I also received interview tips. I had an interview in the IT department at my desired company and landed the job.
I highly recommend Envision Solutions.

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