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Follow Through in Customer Service is Key

Recently, my husband and I tried a new restaurant. We arrived about 15 minutes before closing, but were relieved they were very nice about it. The customer service was great; drinks came out quickly, the server was friendly and the food followed shortly after. Our meals were spectacular! I settled on a dish that I figured would be quick, but was excited that there were so many options to choose from so I planned to come back. Our check arrived and my husband quickly provided a card, followed by a 20% tip using one of the suggested tip options on the credit card slip. When our server came back, he had stopped communicating; he picked up the credit card slip, did not leave an itemized receipt, and walked off. Puzzled, we asked if we could get a copy of the receipt (write off everything, right?), the server gave a thumbs up, and when he dropped it off, he just walked off, again. At that point, we wondered if the 20% tip (as opposed to a higher tip) had offended him. As a former server and someone who lives and breathes customer service, I was annoyed. If, in fact, that “small tip” turned our server off, hadn’t he learned that you provide great customer service from beginning to end no matter what? The follow through is critical to creating loyal customers. In our case, that moment shifted us from eagerly awaiting our next visit to rethinking ever going back. What’s your poor or great customer service experience? Share below and connect with Envision Solutions to learn about our 1 on 1 and group trainings on the power of great customer service.

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