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Great Customer Service is Everyone's Business

Did you know that great customer service is a critical skill to have no matter what role you play in a business? Sometimes people associate having great customer service skills with the front line employees like the front desk clerk, a phone representative or a sales associate, but the reality is it is a critical skill that everyone should possess and refine whether the CEO or the custodian. Good customer service can translate to repeat business, but great customer service can mean an increase to the bottom line. That means, great customer service is everyone's business.

Great customer service is what can separate a positive experience from a negative one. Quite often, a situation may occur that warrants strategic actions to ensure a customer walks away not only satisfied, but also heard, validated and feeling appreciated. Ensuring this happens requires a special set of customer service skills, and not possessing those skills can have a very disruptive effect on the customer experience.

How are you sharpening your customer service skills? Sign up at the link below for a free Discovery Chat. We specialize in leveraging the skills you have to seize the success you are seeking.

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