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Image of LaTrina Parker Hall, Owner and Principal Consultant

Who We Are

LaTrina Parker Hall, Ph.D. | Owner & Principal Consultant

LaTrina empowers people. As a client-centric coach and consultant with cross-industry career experience that comes from 25+ years in business industries as well as the non-profit and education sectors, she is a people developer. Her career counseling expertise comes from her background in career placement, development, and recruitment and her passion for seeing people WIN. An education leader, LaTrina brings decades of teaching, training and coaching experience to her clients. 


​​With a Bachelor’s degree in journalism focused on public relations and advertising and a Master’s degree in education, LaTrina has developed a strong sense of commitment to helping people reach personal and professional success. She earned a doctorate in higher education and conducted research on identity development that garnered a national award.


LaTrina is a thoughtful strategist who remains committed to applying her background and expertise to help people struggling with career transitions and performance obstacles. Through transformative coaching, LaTrina empowers clients to identify and access their inner strengths to achieve true personal and professional growth.

Who We Are
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