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Image of LaTrina Parker Hall, Owner and Principal Consultant

Who We Are

LaTrina Parker Hall, Ph.D. | Owner & Principal Consultant

LaTrina is a client-centric consultant with 25+ years experience in customer service roles in business industries ranging from retail, teleservices, hospitality, and finance as well as the non-profit and education sectors. She is a people developer with keen career counseling expertise from her background in various areas especially career placement and development, and as a member and chair of various hiring search committees. A youth and adult education leader, LaTrina possesses 18+ years experience in teaching, training and coaching within secondary and higher education spaces. A skilled trainer and facilitator of various aspects of personal and professional development, LaTrina has demonstrated technology savvy to create and facilitate engaging in-person and online training sessions with original course content. She is an effective and dynamic speaker with experience with small and large audiences. 


​​A double graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in public relations and advertising and a Master’s degree in secondary education, LaTrina developed a strong sense of commitment to helping people reach academic and career success. She earned a doctorate in higher education from Saint Louis University where her dissertation on identity development garnered a national award.

Currently, LaTrina works in higher education providing varying levels of support and customer service to internal and external stakeholders including faculty members, campus partners and students as well as community partners such as non profit organizations, small businesses, governmental organizations, and K-12 teachers. LaTrina is a strategist in identifying and leveraging client strengths and remains committed to applying her diverse background and expertise to help clients identify and utilize their strengths to achieve true personal and professional growth.

Who We Are
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